About The Filmmakers

Kimberly Nunez-North & Travis North established North Projects in 2006. The duo has successfully worked together as a creative team for over a decade creating hundreds of hours of innovative content. In addition to working with clients that range from Selena Gomez to 20th Century Fox, North Projects has created award-winning original content for television, the big screen and the web.

The duo began their career in 2001 producing/directing indie music videos, which frequently hit the top ten in local markets. 20th Century Fox took notice of the pair and hired them to produce/direct a music video, featuring world-renowned DJ Ferry Corsten, for the hit TV show “Prison Break.” The creativity of the “Prison Break” music video caught director Tim Story’s eye, and he insisted that the duo produce/direct a behind-the-scenes documentary for his upcoming movie “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

Off the success of the Fantastic Four documentary, the duo established North Projects and continued to produce/direct music videos and behind-the-scenes documentaries for films. In 2009, the duo stepped into film as the 2nd unit director/producer theam for indie film “The Scenesters” which premiered at Slamdance Film Festival and aired on Showtime.

In 2010, Kimberly decided to venture into Television. She successfully paved the way with her award-winning series, “The Originals w/ Emeril.” Her creation is a food/travel series that celebrates iconic restaurants in America. Partnering with Authentic entertainment, the series aired 13 episodes on the Cooking Channel in 2011. Receiving the TASTE Award for “Best New Series” culminated the season.

While Kimberly took North Projects into television, Travis helmed the way into branded entertainment and online content. Travis has created & directed branded content for companies such as Cotton, L’Oreal, Frontline, Playtex, Downey and Gap. He has also been the director and creative force for several online shows that consistently receive 100,000+ hits per episode. In 2013, Travis segued into television and traveled the globe as a camera operator on the Emmy award winning series “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin.” Currently, Travis is the director/director of photography for the CBS Emmy nominated series “Luck Dog.”

Travis and Kimberly are passionate about giving back. The pair has partnered with several non-profits to create compelling video content to further the mission of the organization. In 2006, they partnered with the Breakthrough Scholarship Fund, a foundation that provides education scholarships to children who live on a trash dump in the Philippines. The effort proved successful by raising over $100,000, which provided scholarships for 60+ children. In addition, they have created both print and video content for Treasures, Inc., an outreach and support group to women in the sex industry.

In 2012, the duo founded Passion Projects, Inc. a production company dedicated to producing creative content that challenges, inspires, and incites change with the intent of shedding light on global social issues, because it matters. Their first project was “The Space Between,” a documentary that follows the lives of four patients living at a hospice in rural Kenya. The documentary is slated to premiere early 2015.